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Would you like to submit to the zine? 

Submit to a zine about minecraft! Parents and kids submit your stuff! Stories, artwork, why you love minecraft, how you've used minecraft with your kids and homeschooling...

If you would like to submit to the zine, use the form below or email us at: 

 noemi.mtz at gmail.

 I'd like to get some diy craft pieces, maybe some philosophies behind using minecraft & other games for your homeschool/unschool set up; and anything else I haven't thought of. Feel free to pass this around. Zine will be black & white so keep that in mind when sending photos or drawings. If you have something to send, formatted already make sure it's half a page/zine size. If not, don't worry about it. You can send a doc or txt file to the email above. If you're work makes it in the zine, you get a free zine. I'll be updating the site zine page with more specifics.

What is a zine? 

it's diy self published "mag" a zine, but it's really not like a magazine because they are not glossy, or have tons of paid ads and they are printed in smaller amounts. 

Here is a quick guide to zines, it's in pd format. 

  • http://www.undergroundpress.org/pdf/Zines101.pdf

Here is another site with info on zines and how kids can make zines. 

  • http://blog.makezine.com/craft/how-to_zine-making_for_kids/

Parents: this site with sample lesson plans on what are zines is worth checking out. 

Our family has been involved in zines for along time so if you have any questions, ask away. My sister did a video explaining what a zine is-let me ask her if she'll let me post it :)

Deadline: November 15th 2014

Thank you for contacting concerning the zine.
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